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Stress and occlusal imbalance are the main factors that trigger these disorders. In OR DENTAL CLINIC we have specialists who can treat any TMJ issue.


Occlusal alterations may cause lateral movements for many reasons. The ligaments get injured which causes stretching and can cause joint disc mobility. This freedom on the joint can cause pinching of the articular disc causing cracking and even crepitation of the joint. In addition, it can cause inflammation and pain in the joint or chewing muscles because the condyles are out of place causing more strength to chew. Dysfunction is created by the tightening for functional teeth creating inflammation especially in the closing muscles and those supporting the head and neck causing limitation and decreased movement and headaches, neck and general discomfort.


The temporomandibular joint is the most complicated joint of the body. It can not be splinted to keep it without movement because of the amount of functions it performs, several of them vital. The treatment that must be applied is the occlusal splint therapy that consists of positioning a template on the upper teeth. The splint is thin and removes the bite print causing the jaw to be reprogrammed in addition to avoiding tightness and neuromuscular relaxation. This splint has to be used as a therapy for at least 3 weeks, during which the patient must use it practically all day and only take it off to eat. In our clinic we apply different types of splint, depending on the case, to be able to relieve the symptoms and remove any discomfort. The duration can vary, as well as the collateral treatments.

The splint relieves but does not heal. Also helps with discomfort.

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