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In OR CLINICAL DENTAL all procedures are performed with the highest QUALITY and technology thanks to our:


  • Modern facilities.

  • Comfortable and functional equipment.

  • Modern appliances.

  • Quality materials

  • Continuous update.


We add to our quality of work the laboratories that collaborate with OR DENTAL CLINIC that have international acknowledgement.


In OR DENTAL CLINIC we perform various procedures, using the right materials and necessary technique.


In OR DENTAL CLINIC we follow the standards and procedures for sterilization, storage and handling of instruments of the American Dental Association so we have autoclaves and other devices that allow us to optimize your well-being in any procedure. According to these standards we use disposable materials, purified water, and all necessary protective measures for both patients and our team.


Successful diagnoses can be achieved through this digital system, from a panoramic or partial image of your mouth.

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