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In OR DENTAL CLINIC we are interested in providing the best service and assisting you as you deserve. This is why we:

  • Check medical, dental and clinical history

  • Check your mouth thoroughly

  • Auscultation of your joint and chewing muscles

  • Caries analysis and laser detection

  • We show your mouth with intra oral camera

  • Review of occlusion

  • Radiological examination

  • It is very important to know your concerns and desires to give you the treatment you need.


To be able to obtain more accurate diagnoses in rehabilitation procedures, aesthetic or if needed, we’ll do:

  • Inside and outside photographs of the mouth

  • Take impressions of your jaws to get plaster models from your mouth

  • Taking mandibular and facial records to accurately study your case in an articulator to accurately follow the mandibular movements

  • Measurement of front teeth

  • Color match and other aesthetic procedures

  • Measurement of parodontal bags

  • Specialist assignment according to your case

  • Tomography scan


In OR DENTAL CLINIC we consider that the success of the treatment depends on a correct diagnosis and the perfect communication with the patient.


In a later appointment you will be presented with the different studies and privately we’ll show you the different treatment options responding your concerns.


After selecting the treatment to follow, we elaborate a detailed budget of each one of the teeth, it is presented graphically so that you can decide which is the best option and we analyze the more suitable payment plan. It will show the duration of the treatment, the number of appointments and materials needed.


We accept all credit cards, check and cash (see promotions).

All invoices provided are certified by the Tax Administration Service in Mexico.

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